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1/2" Work Table with Shelves and Cubbies- KIT

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Model: Work Table
Price: $8.00

1/2" Scale WORK TABLE - Basswood or Cherry 1/2" Island Style  = 1-1/2" h x 2-1/2 x 2-1/2" square 1/2" Desk Style = ... more info
1/2" Yarn and Thread Kit for Yarn Side Unit

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Price: $7.00

1/2 " Yarn & Thread Kit to be used with the  1/2" Yarn Side Cabinet. The kit contains a selection of threads, trims, yarns ... more info
1/4 Scale - Chickens - Chickens - Chickens

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Model: Chickens
Price: $5.00

1/4" Scale -  Chickens - Chickens - Chickens  (Qty 12) Unpainted white plastic. Easy to mark with a small dab/dot from colored ... more info
1/4 Scale - Shingles - Grey

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Model: Outbuilding
Price: $7.50

1/4" Shingles - Grey (Package contains 4 (6x9) sheets and covers approx 65 Square inches) Printed on heavy stock and then Laser Cut in ... more info
1/4" - Printed Tools and BIN Appliques for Work Table

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1/4" Mat, Templates, T-Square, Angles & Yard Stick - Printed on Clear Film and 1/4" Appliques of Cubby Storage Bins to be applied to ... more info
1/4" 2-Drawer File Cabinet

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Model: FILE
Price: $6.00

2 DRAWER FILE CABINET 1 " Scale Kit (NON- working drawers) Comes in Cherry or Maple This is a great addition to an Office, garage, craft room, ... more info
1/4" Cabinet with "Farm Sink" style Counter

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Price: $10.00

Quarter Scale "Farm Sink" Cabinet is for that dream workroom we are all building, and who doesn't want a sink. In this cabinet, you ... more info
1/4" Cabinet with "In Counter" Sink - NAME Design

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Quarter Scale Sink Cabinet is for that dream workroom we are all building, and who doesn't want a sink. In this cabinet, you will make the sink ... more info
1/4" Peg & Cork Boards with Wall Organizer

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Price: $7.00

1/4" Kit for Peg Board and Cork Board plus a Wall Organizer This little accessoriy kits goes nicely with the Miniaturists Workroom Because they ... more info
1/4" Rabbit Hutch

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Model: Rabbit Hutch 1/4" scale
Price: $10.00

            1/4" Rabbit Hutch w/ play area at bottom This is a kit - The tray pulls out for easy cleaning. Kit ... more info